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Foot Stop Podiatry & Orthotics Clinic

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Foot Stop - Phits™ Custom Insoles

A custom solution for everyone

Every day use
Improve your every day comfort. Phits™ are orthotics that correct gait patterns, cure foot pathologies and prevent you from lower limb, hip and lower back injuries.

Sports and performance
Enhance your performance. Phits™ are custom orthotics to enable you to reach your full potential, as they make you move more efficiently. Serves professional as well as recreational sports people in multiple sports disciplines such as track and field, cycling, football, golf, indoor sports, tennis, badminton...

At work
Increase your efficiency. Nurses, construction workers, waiters, teachers, parcel services... Millions of people are on their feet all day, risking injuries due to deformed gait patterns, causing a lot of pain and costing millions to employers and society. Phits™ can help you prevent or relieve these pains.


Why Phits™

Foot related problems throw our whole body off balance. About 80% of human beings will face foot related problems at some point in life. This can lead to varying chronic problems with our ankles, knees, hips, back and even neck.

  • Our dynamic 3D-printed Phits™ custom orthotics can help to relieve or prevent these problems.
  • 3D printed orthotics takes into account the shape of your foot but also supports the different pressure areas and guides your gait in the right direction.
  • Phits™ insoles help to give you the right support and guidance with every step you take.
  • Superior Stability - Optimal Efficiency - Extreme Durability
  • Phits™ are a solution for every type of activity and for any type of shoe: Regular shoes, Running shoes, Safety shoes, Cycling shoes, Golf shoes and Football boots.

Phits™ 3D Printed Insoles

Superior Stability

Extreme Durability

Optimal Efficiency

Sport Specific

Shoe Type Specific

Minimal Bulk and Lightweight




After suffering a complex calcaneus fracture, classic orthotics weren't enough supporting anymore and I started wearing the 3D printed custom Phits Insoles. A massive improvement! Fantastic product, also clearly suitable for medical applications!
Max, 62 year old, owner interior design company

These insoles are really great – I got used to them immediately! I'd advise them to anyone with foot problems!
Catherine, 56 years old, solicitor

I wear my Phits 24/7, they provide me with extra support even when I'm cycling. My friends were shocked that I could go running with them again after years of pain and injuries.
Frank, 39 years old, IT-manager

Thanks to the good analysis my orthotics fit perfectly right away. What a difference with the classic insoles I used to wear before. I wear them in all my shoes."
Sven, 29 years old, Application Engineer

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