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Foot Stop - Biomechanics

What is Biomechanics at Foot Stop?

It covers 2 areas:

  • Foot & Lower Limb overuse injuries
  • Mechanical Performance (Biomechanics) enhancement to minimise injury and to maximise efficiency

Why should I be assessed by a Sports Podiatrist?

  • Injury:
    If you have a niggling injury, it is likely to be caused by a mechanical problem or imbalance in the body. To relieve the symptoms, the cause of the imbalance must be determined and treated accordingly.
  • Performance Enhancement:
    For the recreational or elite level athlete who wants to avoid injury and maximise performance.


The Sports Podiatrist will often work closely with our physiotherapist as many leg and foot problems are secondary to problems in the lower back and pelvis. The most common sports podiatry injuries are: Shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, Knee cap pain (runners knee), Calf strain, Plantar fasciitis/arch pain.

Who can benefit from the Biomechanical assessment?

The Bio mechanics assessment and custom made insoles are not only for sports people it is relevant for everyone of all ages, even if your only exercise is walking round the shops. Many people with bunions/ fallen arches can also experience shin, knee, hip, back or neck pain and re aligning the feet will improve their posture and this will have a significant impact on their pain.


Why is Biomechanics important?

It is the analysis of the mechanics of human movement - Misaligned or malfunctioning joints in the foot cause bad posture and force the body to compensate causing stress in other areas and consequently a loss of performance or pain.


Where is the Biomechanical Assessment done?

Foot Stop has a fully equipped gait laboratory where the clients are videoed whilst running and walking on the treadmill. This enables a detailed assessment to be made of the movement to identify whether your leg alignment and stability is normal. This is then re filmed once the client has been fitted with the customised insoles (if required) and the re alignment of the feet and legs and consequent effect on the body's posture can be clearly seen.



How is the problem resolved?

Orthotics (prescription made insoles) are used to correct the malfunction and stop the body from over compensating. These support the foot in the correct position and so re align the posture.

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