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Foot Stop Podiatry & Orthotics Clinic

Podiatry & Orthotics Clinic


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Foot Stop - About Us

Our philosophy is to get to the root cause of the injury or health related problem. This approach ensures that you become educated in your condition and self sufficient in health maintenance. Our Podiatrist and therapists work together to ensure that the best course of treatment is taken to maximise the benefit to the client and minimise the impact of any injury or health problem and so facilitate the optimal return to your recreational or work commitments.

BSc(Hons) MChs.
HPC Registered Podiatrist

John graduated from Salford University with an Honours Degree in Podiatry. He initially worked for a NHS trust in Tyneside and a private healthcare provider in Manchester, where he ran nail surgery, biomechanics and routine chiropody clinics.

He opened the Foot Stop Clinic in 2010 and is experienced in all aspects of Podiatry. His specialisation is in Biomechanics and Sports Injuries. This is a natural progression for him from his background as an ex international runner and footwear specialist advisor for Nike, Adidas. This enables him to bring an extensive and unique depth of knowledge to the subject and so ensure a successful outcome.

While offering a complete service in Podiatry and Chiropody, John ia a specialist in Biomechanics, and creates bespoke Phits 3D Print Custom Orthotics (insoles) for patients.  Phits are the first high-tech, 3D printed, insoles designed based on your personal dynamic gait analysis, using RSscan – Footscan. Foot Stop is the only clinic in the area that offers this service.

His dynamic approach is based on years of experience in the field of sport at all levels including treating professional athletes and sports people.

T : 01325 353366

  John Cookson - HPC Registered Podiatrist

The Foot Stop clinic also has a qualified Reflexologist & Reiki practitioner and Physiotherapist connections which enables them to provide a complete health package for clients.

Carole Dawson
Jikiden Reiki Shihan Teacher

Carole Dawson has 34 years' experience in Natural Health, practising Reflexology and Reiki and teaching the original, authentic Japanese style of Reiki called Jikiden Reiki - meaning 'directly passed down'.

She also delights in empowering others to take charge of their own health and well-being, with her regular Reiki courses at the clinic, showing how Reiki can be used within the family for day to day ailments as well as more serious ailments.

Carole became interested in Reiki in 1995 when a colleague gave her a short treatment with very powerful results. Reiki is a hands-on energy treatment for the improvement of body and mind, which is carried out over clothing while lying on a massage bed, and is suitable for anyone of any age or state of health. The therapist places hands lightly on areas of the body to make energy available for healing.

As a Reflexologist she trained with the Bayly School - the first Reflexology training school to be set up in Great Britain. Reflexology is based on the principle that each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body. Treatment is carried out using finger or thumb pressure systematically over the whole of both feet, balancing all systems of the body.
M : 07800 985 292

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Foot Stop Podiatry & Orthotics Clinic Darlington

Foot Stop
Podiatry & Orthotics Clinic
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